Cook Book and Restaurant Review

Green Smoothie Bar – James St. North

As people try to eat more healthy, the challenge that they are met with is when they are going out.  Whether it is a snack or a full on dinner, finding a place where they don’t look at you like you have 3 heads when you ask for vegan, or even vegetarian choices can leave you just asking for a garden salad.  Do not even try to ask for gluten free at some places.  Then, when the salad arrives it is just iceberg lettuce and some tomatoes with probably Italian dressing on it.  Not very appetizing.

Thankfully, as the word gets out, more and more places like the Green Smoothie Bar on James Street North in Hamilton open their doors and give not only those who have already chosen to eat healthy a place to go, but also gives people an opportunity to see just how good healthy food can be.

Opening in 2012 on Hamilton’s super cool James Street North, the Green Smoothie Bar has  become a destination for many that not only live in the area but for those who make their way onto the street for the monthly Art Crawl and yearly Supercrawl.


Co-owners, Joe and Danielle, have created this bright and sunny lounge style eatery where you can grab one of their famous smoothies if you’re on the go, along with a take out snack, or stay and eat some hearty hot food they have prepared fresh daily.  All of what they prepare is 100% organic and 100% Vegan.  Most items are also gluten free too, but just ask, the staff is friendly and very well informed.

I discovered this gem in the heart of my home town the year they opened and have been a frequent customer ever since.  The smoothies are amazing.  Each flavour contains spinach and kale (hence the name) but they have perfected the art of creating wild and wonderful flavours out of fresh ingredients.  My personal fave is the Muddy Monkey, but I am impartial to anything peanut butter and chocolate.  Rest assured there are enough different flavours to please anyone.  Fruity, fresh, and delicious.

They also have some delectable eats as well if you are on the go.  I have had the Detox salad quite a few times and as it fills you up, you are left feeling satisfied without the feeling of being over full.  The macaroons are delicious as well as their in house protein bars that pack a whopping 20g of protein per bar. Perfect post work out snack.  Hot food is also available every day.  The chili is a definite favourite especially on a cold winter day.

For more info on the Green Smoothie Bar, just click on the name and it will take you to their site.  Or check them out of Facebook.

Ok…now I’m hungry.  Stay tuned for more reviews and updates to our blog and thanks for reading!  Have a great day.




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