Refreshing Mint Chia Lemonade

It is finally summer in Ontario, although the last week or two Mother Nature has been a little confused.  It looks like we are coming up on a good stretch of weather over the next few days so I know that we will be heading outside for some much needed activity.

I know I am not the only one who thinks this but, drinking water can get boring.  Sure, we try to jazz it up with a lemon or lime wedge but if you’re active, the need to rehydrate is crucial and after a while, your water bottle starts to look and taste a little drab.  To turn to sugary post work out drinks is not optimal either as the added sugar will only leave you needing more water.

Now, I love lemonade and I mean the full on sugar filled lemony goodness that we grew up with, but I just can’t handle the sugar anymore.  So we’ve come up with a version of lemonade that is just as refreshing…actually more refreshing, and full of antioxidants, fibre, and protein.

If you have never eaten chia, I will fore warn you that the consistency may take some getting used to.  They are little crunchy bits but gel up in water. (which makes them great egg replacers too)  but they soak up the flavour of whatever they are surrounded by and add so much goodness to your food.

So in honour of being hopeful that the summer is finally here, we played around with a lemonade that you may enjoy.

Refreshing Mint Chia Lemonade

In your favourite jug or large mason jar, add the following:

Juice of one lemon

One lemon cut up into chunks (quartered or smaller is good)

5-7 mint leaves

1 1/2 tablespoons of maple syrup (if you don’t have maple, honey will work too and you can add more if you like it a little sweeter)

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

3 cups of cold water and a handful of ice cubes

Mix together or shake if in a mason jar (don’t forget the lid)

Letting it sit for 15-30 minutes after is a great idea to allow the mint to infuse the drink.

Like I said, the chia will gel, but you will get used to the texture and the taste is amazing!  So refreshing and full of so many nutrients, it will keep you going on a hot summer day.  Great drink for after a hike or a bike ride to rehydrate and refresh.



3 thoughts on “Refreshing Mint Chia Lemonade

  1. Reblogged this on CRAVE and commented:

    Hot enough for you?! Sorry…couldn’t resist! We are having a tropical heat wave here! Only we aren’t in the tropics.

    I’m going on record here and not complaining about it as I know in probably 2-3 short months we will be back to chilly mornings with cold feet and hands for the next 6 months. The heat does give us a challenge though…to stay hydrated. Last summer we posted one of my favourite recipes we have, and that is for the chia lemonade.

    Not only refreshing and thirst quenching, but loaded with so many other good things for your active bodies!

    Check out our recipe for Chia Lemonade 🙂


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