Doug McNish – Chef, Author, Instructor…Stand up Comic?


Doug McNish, author of Eat Well, Eat Raw, and Raw, Quick and Delicious and now  his newest book, Vegan Everyday, came to Goodness Me, a local grocery store that holds cooking classes and seminars.  We thought we it would be fun to check it out and see what he had to say.

It is always interesting to hear about one’s journey to better health.  More often than not, the change is a result of an epiphany.  The same can be said of Doug McNish‘s journey from being overweight and working in a high stress kitchen environment.  Doug’s decision to eat a plant based diet has not only turned his health around but has transformed his career to becoming a  leader in vegan and raw cooking foods. Doug’s first book, Eat Well, Eat Raw ended up being named the Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World, 2012.  His second book is Raw, Quick, and Delicious and has now launched his new book, Vegan Everyday. We will be trying out some of his Vegan Everyday recipes for sure and posting our review over the next few weeks.

While at the seminar, Doug described his journey, how he came to write his cookbooks and what he has to offer at his Public Kitchen, in Toronto, all with the whit and fun of a stand up comic.   Doug was in his element while demonstrating the sweet and sour Kale salad and Tempeh ‘crab’ cakes, that we got to sample as well, both of which were delicious.  We also got to sample some Kale chips he had made as well, which were equally as good.

Doug has a great personality and I can only imagine (for now) how much fun his classes that he offers at his Public Kitchen, located at 561 Marlee Ave, Toronto, Ontario.  Classes range from Knife Skills, Vegan Indian, Vegan BBQ,  and Desserts.  He also serves a Sunday Brunch at the Evergreen Brickworks Market in Toronto.

We are planning this trip to Toronto already! Doug McNish’s books are available on Amazon by clicking on the photo



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