Harvest at Community Garden

Val and I both live in fairly large cities.  Val had a thriving vegetable garden last summer and this summer has a lovely herb garden growing in her back yard.  I have attempted to grow various vegetables in my back yard.  I tried in the ground. I have tried in pots.  I have tried in a raised bed.  For some reason, vegetables don’t like my backyard.  In fact, sunflowers don’t like my backyard either.  As much as I love them, I have tried about 4 years in a row to grow them in my back yard only to come out a couple days later to nubs.  Nothing but nubs sticking out of the ground.

My lack of ability to grow produce in my backyard has been good for my local farmers’ market and also for the food co-op I belong to, but I have to say it has left me feeling slightly defeated.  So when my husband came home and told me about their community gardens they have at his work, I was very excited.  As part of the Sustainability program at Mohawk College, many departments were given plots to use to grow their own vegetables and herbs.  Not only does this give people the opportunity to grow their own veggies, it gives the College the opportunity to study sustainability.  Tom and his co-workers planted some kale, cucumbers, peas, summer squash, cherry tomatoes and some lemon basil.  Having this garden gave them a chance to get outside during the day to weed it out and go and water the plants as well.  After checking on the garden this week, Tom came home to let me know that there were some veggies ready to harvest.

We took a trip up to the community garden and the bounty was awesome.  I walked among all the plots of beautiful vegetables and had to take some photos.

IMG_8924  Cantelope

IMG_8928  Cherry Tomatoes

IMG_8932   Pumpkins

IMG_8941   Eggplant

IMG_8942   Hot Peppers

IMG_8933  Purple Cabbage

IMG_8926   Lemon Herb Basil

IMG_8937  Sunflower

IMG_8939  Community Garden

IMG_8972   Our haul.  Peppers, cucumbers, lemon basil, cherry tomatoes and beautiful Kale.


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