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Happy National Coffee Day!

Like we need a special day to celebrate this blessed beverage! Val and I have what you call OCD. Obsessive Coffee Disorder!


Coffee, in our culture, is not only a beverage, but a destination – “Want to meet for coffee?” It is a reason for gathering and a reason for talking.  Coffee brings us together. Coffee wakes us up.  Often, it is the first thing we think of in the morning.  I know after the shower, the coffee is on in our house.  Val and I do a lot of brain storming and recipe planning over coffee too and you can’t deny that coffee and chocolate are a pair like no other.

It took me while to catch onto this nectar, but after a couple of kids, it was inevitable that I was going to need something to keep up.  Typically, I drink a cup or two in the morning, and that is it for me.  I am more of a tea drinker in the afternoon if I need a little lift.  The mornings though just wouldn’t be the same without it.

So as we celebrate the National Coffee Day, we would like to give props to a couple of our local coffee shops.

I am in Hamilton, but it isn’t unusual for Val to be in the area for work, so one of our faves is My Dog Joe, in Westdale Village.

After celebrating their 10th year open, it still remains one of the best in the city of Hamilton.  Fair trade, organic coffee is freshly brewed and is delicious.  Home made muffins, cookies, soups, sandwiches, and cupcakes make it hard to pick a goodie to go along with your coffee or tea.  The staff is friendly and it makes you feel at home.  My Dog Joe is in the heart of Westdale village, which is just down the street from McMaster University.  The clientele at My Dog Joe is a great mix of students and families that live in the area.  As part of the community, they showcase local artists on a monthly basis as well as local musicians.

Their treats are all good and some cater to gluten free and vegan options.


My Dog Joe has a couple of cousins worth mentioning as well that are finding their special place in our city as well.  Democracy Coffee House is in the west end of Hamilton, on the trendy Locke Street South area.  Democracy offers a wider variety of vegan options that are delicious.  The same treats and goodies can be found here as at My Dog Joe.  A welcoming atmosphere, this coffee shop’s walls are covered in chalk board encouraging their patrons to express themselves.  A family friendly place, you often see this as a weekend morning haunt for  young families.


Mulberry Coffee House is the other cousin that is in the heart of the city on James Street North’s active art neighbourhood.  Again, most of the menu remains the same with a few  things that are highlighted in this young and thriving neighbourhood.  This location is frequented by a vast array of customers, especially during the street’s monthly art crawl.  Mulberry has a side patio and on a warm summer day is the place to hang out by many artists and musicians.


So wherever you live, celebrate today, National Coffee Day with a cup of your favourite blend.  And if you are ever in Hamilton, Ontario, make sure you check these gems out when you are in need of a cup.





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