Day 19 Assignment – Blog Roundup

So I have been participating in this Writing 101 course with WordPress.  Although most of my posts are on another blog I write for, when I saw today’s assignment, I wanted to share with you some great blogs I have found that epitomize what Val and I are aspiring to be.  They have great recipes, fitness ideas, and also just some all around great vibes to them.

Hope you enjoy this week’s blog round up.

The first one is a falafel recipe that was posted on A Spoonful of Nature.  This recipe is super easy with a handful of ingredients.  I love falafels and they are such a yummy alternative to meat.  This recipe is not only vegan but gluten free too and also no no worries if you have a sesame allergy.

Another blog that had a great post this week was from Fit is a Feminist Issue.  This particular post centred around the phrase, ‘You do You’.  I loved it.  I have an 18 year old daughter and she says it all the time.  When I first heard it, I thought, ‘Wow, that is so accurate’.  I love how this cuts through criticisms like a knife, without being harsh or coming back with an insult.  This article really highlighted in a humourous way.  Great read.

The Flexi Foodie also had an article posted this week that was really great.   It was all about overcoming inner criticism. We all have negative views of ourselves at some point and she gave some great ideas on how to turn them into more positive ways of thinking, which is something we can all use help with.

Finally, I started following Amaryllis Log after coming across this blog.  It is mainly a photography blog, but her latest post was so fitting.  It is entitled, Polypores and Funghi.  While running this week, my running partner and I spotted some super cool funghi growing on the bark of some trees.  There was also some in my back yard too.  Her photos are just gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more of her work.

Hope you enjoy this week’s blog round up and my assignment 19.  Thank you for indulging me!


3 thoughts on “Day 19 Assignment – Blog Roundup

    1. Thanks so much for the review! I definitely have found that the Writing and Blogging courses are great as they really bring a sense of community here in the blogging world, which can be kind of intimidating at first. Thanks again Jason for your kind words and for helping us newbies along!


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