Hello Weekend!

Ok, so it isn’t quite the weekend yet here in Canada, but for many of our American friends they are enjoying a very long Thanksgiving weekend!  Happy Thanksgiving to all south of the border (and north if you’re in Alaska!)

So as we make our way through for what most of us is a work day before the final weekend of November, 2015, what does everyone have planned?

We have been enjoying a mild fall so far here but it looks like the weather will begin to become more seasonal over the weekend, which being a  month from Christmas, I have to admit I am happy about.  Sure, by March, I will be ready for spring but Val and I really do start to look forward to winter activities.  There is nothing like a white Christmas here too.

This weekend will bring a concert for me as I go to see Bahamas in concert at Massey Hall in Toronto.  If you like a rock/pop/folk kind of mix of music, check out Bahamas.  Awesome catalog of music to chose from. Massey Hall is by far one of the best venues in the city of Toronto.  If you are ever there for a visit, go see a concert there.  No matter who you see or where you sit, it will be an amazing show.

I will also be going out to Cardinal Rule in Toronto as well. I have been to this restaurant a few times now for dinner, lunch and breakfast and it definitely on my top 5 list in Toronto.  With a fantastic variety on their menu that caters to meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and even gluten free eaters, you cannot go wrong here to please everyone in your party.  A warm and welcoming atmosphere and super friendly staff just adds to the great experience you’ll get here.  I can’t wait to go for lunch on Saturday.

I’ll also be heading out for a run on Sunday.  My mileage has declined since my race in October but I have been supplementing with the gym and using the elliptical and some weights too.  My body is enjoying the change and now when I do run, I thoroughly enjoy getting out.  My running partner, Rayanne, and I have a few routes we work with.  Some are trails, some are right through the city streets, and some are along the water front, but we have decided that this winter, we will treat ourselves to a coffee afterwards.  I think this will help with the motivation!

Val and I will be getting together to plan another epic baking session so stay tuned for some yummy holiday treat recipes in the next week or so.  We are hoping to bring some yummy alternative dishes for Christmas dinner and of course some delicious desserts.

No matter what you do this weekend, whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or just another November weekend, have an awesome one!  Maybe the weather is getting cold but I will be writing about winter running next week and I know Val will be itching to get out on her skis very soon.  We will see you in the kitchen soon to bring some treats to try and even a restaurant and cookbook review in the next couple weeks as I work my way through Jamie Oliver’s Superfood cookbook.

Have a great weekend everyone!happyweekendfall



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