Flower Box Garden

I wish I could say I have a green thumb, but I don’t.  I have killed more plants than I care to admit by either neglecting them or paying too much attention to them.  I really admire those who can have these lush looking gardens with delicious veggies and fruit growing in them.  I had some minor luck with some cherry tomato plants last year so I thought I would roll the dice and try a few more this year.

We just adopted a new dog and she is a little goofy so I was worried about the viability of the plants and if they would be able to withstand hurricane Topanga.  I was in the shed one day and realized I had some really long flower boxes that were quite deep as well.  I though that maybe these may work to house my new garden this summer.

Now, I wasn’t going to push my luck and grow right from seeds so I opted on seedlings.  The local co-op was having a seedling sale where local organic growers were selling there garden babies, so I made my way over to pick some up.

I settled on two kinds of kale, two kinds of tomato, jalapeño pepper, sweet pepper, lemon balm and strawberries.  I bought some nice organic veggie growing soil and made sure I only put a couple of plants in each pot to give them a lot of room to grow.  The beauty of the pots is that if you have a back yard like mine, where there is a lot of shade, you can move them around if they don’t get enough sun throughout the day.  The dog doesn’t seem to bother with them either.  With flower box gardens, you can use them if you have a balcony in an apartment too.

Well, it has been about 2 weeks since I planted them and they are coming along nicely, with the exception of the strawberries.  The plants themselves are ok but the little tiny berries that were just starting to grow have been consumed by some back yard dweller. (Probably a squirrel or racoon or golden retriever)

The kale is getting bigger and the tomato plants are bursting.  I will need to get stakes to keep them up soon.  The lemon balm is filling in nicely and I think I will take a few leaves to make a tea with tonight.  The pepper plants are also coming along at a nice pace.

So far so good.  I check them every morning before work to make sure they are wet enough to last through the day.  Keeping the dirt moist is key when you are using pots as the soil is only so deep.

I’ll keep posting the progress of my little flower box garden and hope to have some harvest to show you !









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