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Writing on a blog I find that I am often torn between writing anything and everything and writing nothing.  You feel that you have so much to say one day and absolutely nothing the next.  You feel that whatever you are writing will be of absolutely no interest to anyone else on the planet that may end up reading your post or you have just written the most intriguing piece ever written.  There doesn’t seem to be an in between…at least not for me.

Some days, I just need inspiration.  I create something in the kitchen and think I should post it, and then that part of your brain says ‘Who would care?’  However, the times I have just thrown caution to the wind and posted it, we have had some pretty good response.

I was in need of some inspiration lately and came across a WordPress course offered.  I had done a couple in the past and thoroughly enjoyed them so when I saw a course on daily writing inspiration, I jumped at it.  So today’s inspiration comes in the form of a one word inspiration.  Out of the words listed, I chose ‘abundance’

Abundance is often paralleled with excess.  We equate abundance with the idea of more; in particular more stuff.  More things. More money. We recently went to a viewing of Minimalism, The Documentary.  This documents the journey of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists through their recent book and speaking tour.  They are well known for their pod casts and although their following started small, they are now selling out speaking events and the movie is getting more and more screenings all over the world.

Without giving too much away, the journey into minimalism for them was very much evolutionary as life changes occurred for both of them.  Coupling life changes with discontent in their professional lives, they found themselves searching for an easier, yet more fulfilling way to live. Simplifying may seem counter intuitive at first when we think of abundance.  Yet somehow one does result in the other.  We just have rethink what we want to have an abundance of; stuff or time…money or people…work or life.

Most of us would find the idea of turfing our possessions to the extent that some people did in the movie a little unnerving.  After all, we have worked hard to get those things, and they may hold some emotional meaning.  With minimalism, we alter what we tag this emotional meaning on to.  Abundance can begin to mean more time; more fun; more life.

Now, we may not all decide to hire a bin and throw out all of our stuff, but if we begin to shift our thinking when we do purchase things to ‘what is the cost? and do I need it?’ we can begin to see that the accumulation slows down.  The cost may not just come monetarily.  Time at work or time taken away from friends and family may be the cost.  Time taken away from things we enjoy may be the cost.  The need of this item may be easily justified in the beginning but after contemplation, we realize it is a want and not a need.

As we begin our journey for more abundance, and by abundance I mean more life, less work, we will start to pare down some of the things we have been holding on to and accumulating less.  There will be things that are obviously meaningful or have a nostalgic attachment to them and you may feel that you are not ready to get rid of them.  The thing is, there are no rules and regulations to this process.  The idea is that we become more present in our choices.

So in my home, we are currently undergoing a gradual shift.  We have a three kids in various stages of their lives and in various stages of where they are living.  In a few years, we can see that they will be on their own, living their lives.  As we search for a life with less stuff and an abundance of time and life, we will share our journey with you.

If you get a chance to view a screening of this Minimalism documentary, I would recommend it.  Take the pieces of it that speak to you and leave the rest.  Some things may seem drastic to you, some may make perfect sense.  One thing to take away is that this life is the only one we have; remember to live it.




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