Garden’s are growing!

I want to update you on the growth of my flower box garden.  Despite the lack of rain, my rain barrel is still supplying my little garden with some much needed water and so far everything is growing really well.  However….I think I am feeding a family of bunnies as well.  The strawberries didn’t make it.  The plants are still alive but the little berries are long gone.  Some of my kale has been served as a main course for the critters as well.  It is weird they prefer one type over the other.  But other than the nibbles on the kale, the rest is growing very well.


Kale is getting bigger!


The tomato plants have little green tomatoes on them and the peppers are flowering.


Little green tomatoes



Pepper plants

Val’s garden is getting bigger too.  I will be posting some pics of hers as well.  Even though it has been a very dry summer so far, she has been able to keep hers growing with some well timed waterings. Stay tuned for the update!



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