Val’s Exploding Garden!

Val’s garden has exploded!  Not literally. But the veggie plants have tripled in size. You can’t argue that the sunshine we have had here in Ontario hasn’t been good for the veggies.  They are loving it.  With some well timed waterings, Val’s veggies are growing like mad!



IMG_0430     IMG_0428


Val’s garden is really coming along nicely.  I think she is going to have a ton of kale!  I think we may have to help her out with that. 😉

Along with the kale, she will have tomato, sweet pepper, fennel, tarragon, chives and calendula.

Veggie gardens have always seemed to me to be something that people with green thumbs are able were to, but I can honestly say, it was easier than I expected.  Ok, I know I have a flower box garden but really that is all I wanted to start with and it is probably a good place to start if you are not sure on how it will go for you.  There is minimal initial outlay of money for seedlings and dirt, and also of your time.  By planting seedlings, you by pass the process of trying to get seeds to start growing.

I will do another update in a few weeks, once we have some edibles to show you…unless my bunny family gets to them first.




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