Beat the heat – rehydrate!

As the lemon balm and mint grows…beat the heat with this delicious addition to your water! Rehydrate!


Just a little while in the heat of a summer day can make you feel like you’ve been out all day long.  Dehydration can set in very quickly but let’s face it; drinking just plain water can get a little boring too. A mix of fruits and herbs in your water jug can make it so much easier to get the hydration needed to stay healthy and feel good even on the hottest of days.

We made a jug of water with some herbs and flowers from the backyard garden.

Take a large pitcher and quarter a lemon, add some lemon balm, mint, and lavender.

Set in fridge and let cool under ready.  The mix of the herbs, fruit and flowers blend well together. In fact, it is fun to mix it up and see what different concoctions you can come up with out of herbs and flowers from your…

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