Word Prompt today is ‘Craving’

Well, with a word prompt like that, I couldn’t let today’s post go by and not use it!  After all, we are Crave Life!

Cravings are a strange animal.  We use this word so loosely now that it can be attached to anything these days.  The dictionary says that craving is a ‘strong desire for something.’  We use this to describe how we feel about wanting something.  It is almost like if I have a craving for something then there is nothing that can be done to stop it unless that craving is satisfied.  There is only one problem with satisfying all of our cravings as we have them; we find ourselves never satisfied.

I can attest to having cravings for certain types of food; chocolate comes to mind as I am sure it does for a lot of people.  Once I have the chocolate, I feel satisfied, for the moment.  More often than not, the craving comes back soon after.  Now, I am not saying “Don’t eat chocolate”.  That would be an exercise in futility! On my part it would anyhow.

Another example would be the craving to buy something.  Perhaps shoes or in my case, sunglasses (see previous post) are our go-to purchase.  It may feel like a craving.  We feel like something is missing and that the purchase of these items will fill that void.  The void is filled momentarily, but surely the next time it happens we just repeat ourselves and try to satisfy the craving by buying more.  These cravings can have more severe consequences, to our wallets especially and then maybe to our stress levels.

Even exercise can be a craving for some people.  They crave the exhilaration they feel from running or biking or working out.  We may thing that this kind of craving would be a good one, which for the most part it is, but in some people the craving to have that feeling after working out is never satisfied.  They need to work out more and more in order to achieve the same effect.  This craving is tricky.  The harm is that there will be injury that will result in over training and then possibly end up in not being able to work out or run at all.  The craving in this case should be tempered with listening to the body and what how it feels and if there are any issues with the amount of exercise it is experiencing.

So our blog name, Crave Life, is all about these cravings we have.  Whether it is food, fitness, or fun.  We want you to crave life in a way that you want to get the most out of it.  That doesn’t mean to be unsatisfied when you are not paying attention to these cravings or you feel like life is not meeting your expectations.Cravings can be a good thing.  They can take you out of your comfort zone.  They can expose you to new things.  They can just give you a moment or a life time of pleasure.  The idea of Crave Life is to understand that every moment has a chance to be exceptional and hold a special place in our lives.

We hope you meet each day with new eyes and a renewed vision of what you want in life and where you want to go.




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