Word Prompt – Complicated

Monday morning and the brain is trying to find inspiration, so I turn to the daily word prompt.  This word prompt is a couple days old but it just jumped out at me.  Complicated.


I love this quote on making life complicated.  As we aspire to simplify life by minimizing the clutter or stuff that we have accumulated over the years, we realize that things start to become clearer.  Not just cleaner, but clearer.

The clutter or extra stuff we have, even if we have it stored away somewhere in our house is almost like visual white noise.  It is a constant hum around us that we have to listen to, or in this case see.  To simplify, quiets the noise.

This doesn’t mean to trash all of your possessions. This merely means to have around you what is most important.  By being selective with what we chose to have around us, we then start to have control of our lives and see that it can be made more simply.

We all do it.  We all make our lives more complicated by taking on too much at work, or buying too many things we think we need, or by simply not taking time to do things that would enhance our lives.  We all know that there is some place in our lives we could simplify.  There  are things we could rid ourselves of in order to make our lives less complicated.  We have all seen the quotes and Facebook posts on simpler times, yet we don’t think there is anything we can do to make our own lives easier.

There are simple things we can do.  The amount you chose is yours, after all it is your life.  We don’t all have to beat the same drum.  My version of simplifying may be different from yours. The accomplishment should be so there is a change in your life; a change that makes you feel freer and have a life less complicated.

So on this Monday, when most of us are trudging back to work, think of one thing, big or small that you can change to make your life a little simpler.  You will feel that sense of freedom that will make you want to do more. Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Word Prompt – Complicated

  1. I like this 🙂 As a fellow minimalist, I didn’t trash all of my possessions — that makes no sense! Instead, I kept what was important, and that felt much better.

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing!

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