Summer Review

Well I hate to be the one to tell you but it would appear that the summer of 2016 is coming to an end.  Today is August 31, which officially ends my 30 post challenge.  I am happy with the out come as I was able to post every day with the exception of about 5 days in total.  I hope the posts brought some interesting items and recipes and generally good stuff to read.

The end of the summer for me was never met with the unbridled enthusiasm that some people have of the whole “back to school” time for kids.  I will be the first to admit there were times when my kids were younger that I needed a break but the summers were so free and easy.  The routine, or lack thereof, I found to be something I cherished.  Go to the park?  Sure, let’s go.  Go to the beach?  Let’s pack up!  Just chill out in the back yard?  Why not?  As the kids got older and I went back to work, the days off I had in the summer were for camping or holidays or day trips. When September came it meant the end of our free time and back to the ‘real’ world of work and school.

As we end our summer and take a retrospective look at what we did, I thought I would look back at our blog for the summer of 2016 and highlight some of our best posts.

June:  June brought us the beginning of heat wave that lasted pretty much the entire summer here.  I decided to grow a Flower Box Garden and have been mildly successful.  I had an abundance of kale, a few tomatoes, lemon balm and I’m sort of waiting on my peppers as I don’t think they are quite ready yet.  Val was also getting down in the dirt in her back yard and had some great results.  Read all about what she planted in the post, The Garden Grows!   As I searched for inspiration to write, I latched onto the ‘Daily Prompts’ from WordPress and found one that gave you a single image to use for your inspiration.  If you’d like to read the Story in a Single Image, check it out.

July:   The heat continued into July and the gardens grew.  Our followers started to grow too!  We made it to 170 Followers at the beginning of July!  Val’s recipe for Summer Fresh Salad Bowl was a big hit!  Check it out for an easy and absolutely yummy salad.  This summer also brought us a great opportunity to help our the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary as the Dogs of Hamilton book became available for purchase.  Even my Golden made it into the pages!  I also took part in the Minimalism Game, which is inspired from the documentary The Minimalists.  I was able to purge things I don’t need and literally stuff I never knew I had.  I am continuing into the fall in fact and tackling the basement.  Stay tuned for updates on that!

August: August brought me another 30 challenge; to post every day.  Well, I missed a few but still feel really good about how many posts I was able to get up on the blog.  22 in total for the month of August!  One of them was another Word Prompt.  The word was Craving so I had to post about that!  I also used the Word Prompt to post about my recent obsession (which was the word), The Barkley Marathons.  I think I may have watched it again since posting.  🙂  I did a few re-blogs as well for delicious recipes and this Refreshing Chia Lemonade we posted last year!  It was hot I had to share it again.  As the month continued, there was anticipation surrounding The Tragically Hip‘s final concert on August 20.  Canada’s band wound down what is most likely their final tour and the country stopped on a Saturday night in August to say our final farewell.  I am so lucky to have witnessed this and will never forget.

The summer also included our ongoing feature of Furry Friends Friday, where we highlight some cuddly friends who are currently up for adoption at the Hamilton SPCA.

The last day of August is quickly leading us into Labour Day that signals for us the beginning of school.  Even though the kids are getting older, as I guess we are too, the end of summer seems to bring about a melancholy.  The long days and warm nights are making their way behind us.  We know that the fall is amazing and once it gets here, I love it too.

So happy end of summer 2016 everyone! Thank you so much for following and reading our blog!  Get ready for some fall recipes that we hope you enjoy 🙂




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