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Apple Cinnamon Donuts…and they are Vegan

How about a Re Blog? Well I know it seems kind of lazy, and yes, that is how I am feeling lately but hey, these are donuts! Apples are in season and the crop is stellar! So why not make some apple cinnamon donuts. If that doesn’t scream Fall then I don’t know what does…Pumpkin Spice? I say Apple Cinnamon wins that round!


Val and I had a good laugh when we took a look at the blog over the last week or so and noticed that there seemed to be a lot of orange dishes on our table lately.  It is the season of pumpkin and with the colder weather, we both were in the moods for curried dishes.  Luckily, pumpkin isn’t the only thing in season right now.  We have a luck of having so many apple farms around our area that you can’t help to use them in baking during the Fall.

Apples and cinnamon go together almost as well as peanut butter and jam.  So on this cold Sunday morning, an apple cinnamon donut would go great with a cup of coffee.  The recipe is vegan and can be made gluten free as well.  They are baked in a donut pan, which you can find quite easily.



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