Apples Season!

Fall is official. Cooler weather is here but still absolutely beautiful outside.  This past weekend was picture perfect with sunny and warm temps; perfect for a visit to the apple farm and pick some delicious, local apples.

We have been going to Myers Apple Farm for many years.  In fact, when the kids were younger, they would often go for school trips too.

Located in Copetown, it is a short drive for anyone in the Hamilton area.  Acres of apple trees with so many varieties to chose from and a cute farm store to buy some other produce they grow, along with some farm animals for the kids to check out, makes a trip to the apple farm a fun visit for everyone.

Where ever you live, if you are going to check out the local apple farm, make sure to check their website to see what varieties of apples are ready for picking.  Often they have what is available for U-pick and what is available for just purchase.

At Myers Apple Farm this past weekend there were quite a few to chose from.  My daughter, Abbey and I went for a few hours on Sunday as we have done every year since she was very young.  Even though she is a University student now, she still enjoys getting out to get the apples right off the tree and check out the animals and farm store too.  We decided to pick some McIntosh, Courtland and Spartan apples.

img_0647 img_0649

We took a tour into the farm store and bought some potatoes, carrots, honey and some homemade blueberry jam as well.  Our big bag of apples we came home with will be put to good use in some up coming recipes!  I know Val is working on an apple scone…can’t wait to try that one!


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