Secret Path-A Must Watch

Val and I at Crave Life, like to highlight stuff that will enhance your lives.  Maybe a recipe, some fitness ideas, music, restaurants, movies, bands, and other things that we hope you will enjoy and spread to others as well.

Being Canadians, we feel that we wanted to share something that has been in the media lately.  Poet and musician, Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip, has collaborated on a new project surrounding the life of Chanie Wenjack.  Chanie was a 12 year old boy, whose life was cut short as he attempted to walk the 400 kilometres back to his home after leaving a residential school in Kenora, Ontario.  Residential schools were set up in Canada in the 1880’s and were operational all the way up to 1996.  Chanie’s story takes place in 1966.  Chanie’s story is but one of many tragedies that took place regarding the residential schools.  Bringing this often buried subject to the forefront of the media, we are forced as a nation to look at ourselves in a different light.  The Canada we all thought we were has some ugly history that needs to be exposed, not just for the sake of shaming those who were involved, but to allow Canadians now to make things right.

Gord Downie, had heard of Chanie’s story and wanted to learn more about him and his family.  Gord sought out his sister, Pearl to find out more.  After writing 10 poems about the life and tragic death of Chanie Wenjack, Gord put poems to music.  Joining forces with esteemed graphic novelist, Jeff Lemire, and a story was born and Chanie’s story was expressed as a graphic novel, along side the poems.  The music was recorded and the graphic novel was then animated into a short film.

The Secret Path, the title of Gord’s album and graphic novel by Jeff Lemire, premiered as a short film October 23.  The album and graphic novel are available for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Foundation for the National Centre of Truth and Reconciliation.  This fund’s proceeds aim to be used to bring much needed cross cultural education and healing.

If you are interested in viewing the short film or ordering the album and graphic novel, please click on The Secret Path.  Donations can also be made at this website.


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