November Preview!

Helloo November!

Well, not yet but next Tuesday we will be saying that.  That means Halloween is soon here!

What are your plans?  Our kids are past the trick or treating ages and are off to some Halloween parties I am sure.  We usually put out our pumpkin and hand out goodies for the little ones that are in the neighbourhood.  The children’s hospital down the street usually sends people trick or treating for the kids that are spending Halloween in the hospital so we try to make sure we are around for them too.

This will be our dog, Topanga and our cat, Bates’ first Halloween with us.  We will see how that goes!  They tend to get a little excited when visitors come over.  🙂

Val and I will be getting back to baking for the month of November!  Yey!!!

We are bringing you cookie month.  Which means…two cookie recipes per week!

We will visit our old favourites like chocolate chip and peanut butter but give you some new recipes to try out as well, like sweet potato or a granola cookie.

November is taking me back to teaching some Yoga classes as well. Well, actually already started, and it feels great to get back into the studio.  I have seen some new faces and some familiar ones.  This November I will highlight some poses that you may have done and break them down, giving you the basics of the pose as well as the benefits to them.

This November I will continue my approach to more minimalism.  I have tackled the kitchen cupboards, living room, and attic. The next task in moving to less stuff is the bedroom.  Although I have done my closet, there is just the weirdest stuff in this room that has been shoved into drawers never to be used again.

November may mean less time outside, but I plan to make the most out of the time spent inside.  The unfinished projects, like painting the kitchen and hallway are on the list, as well as writing more.  Aside from the blog, I want to get into more of a habit with my writing.  The more you do, the better you get, which means hopefully you’ll enjoy more of what we are posting!

Finally, you have to all admit that the colder weather may find you sitting in front of the television a little more than in the summer.  I think it is safe to say there will be some Netflix in our near future. Val and I will be sharing our viewing pleasures with you and hope you can suggest a few of your favourites for us to watch as well.

Instead of dreading the upcoming winter months, let’s celebrate November! For our friends south of the border, this is going to be a big November 😉 And they get to celebrate Thanksgiving too.  So stay tuned in for our newest posts and if you haven’t followed us yet, what are you waiting for?!  Click that follow button to get the latest blog posts to your email or WordPress reader.

See you guys soon!



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