Declutter or Rearrange? The Grey Zone

via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

I wasn’t going to do a Daily Prompt today, in fact I have a recipe to post, but I scrolled through the WordPress Reader today and saw this Daily Prompt and couldn’t help myself.

As some of you may have read on our blog, I am attempting some minimalism in my own home,and life.  I have sorted through, thrown out, given away various items to thin out the ‘stuff’ that we haven’t seen or used for a very long time.  The word prompt, Rearrange, caught my attention right away.  The process of decluttering or minimizing is tricky, it can often be disguised as rearranging.  I found myself guilty of this very thing.

Feeling oh so proud of myself as I sorted through boxes of stuff in our basement last year, and getting rid of a huge portion of it, emptying boxes and finally parting with things I thought would be difficult to lose, I found myself this month looking around that area of the basement and thinking,’there is still so much stuff down here’.  Did I just ‘rearrange’ things?  Did I just put things in other boxes and amalgamate into bigger boxes?

I began to open boxes and realized that there is still so much more to do.  Sure, I had purged some stuff that seemed insignificant but I haven’t really challenged myself to minimize.  I still need a basement to store this stuff!  Now, sure, there will be items I have to store.  My kids don’t really have homes where they can store some of these items that are theirs, but how much of it is stuff I want them to keep and not what they want to keep?

Over the next few months, when the weather is keeping us inside more of the time, I will have to put on my big girl pants and challenge myself to not just rearrange, but to really purge some of the old toys, art work, books, and the sporting goods.  I may need to recruit them to see what they actually want to hold onto for their own lives.  They may not want their grade 2 spelling work book!

I have said this before, and here I am saying it again, the act of minimizing is a process.  It is one that you have to revisit often.  It is one that you have to question constantly, “am I minimizing, or am I rearranging?”



6 thoughts on “Declutter or Rearrange? The Grey Zone

  1. I have definitely been guilty of just getting rid of/rearranging the boxes themselves and feeling like I had “minimized” because I took a load of things out to the recycling. Glad I’m not the only one! After a three-year-long purge, I’ve finally decided to try just being a “minsumer” and purchasing less, but not purging much more, for a little while. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I can so relate – we made the transition from 3 bedroom house with basement & attic to a 2 bedroom condo with a 4’x6′ storage locker earlier this year. No choice but to purge!! What I found helpful was to take things out of the attic, just 3 or 4 boxes at a time, and sort things into garbage, thrift shop or save. That way I didn’t have to sit in the attic and be overwhelmed by all the stuff.

    You’re practicing Aparigraha (non-attachment) and Saucha (purity) as you go through this purifying process – keep asking yourself “do I have my stuff, or does it have me?”.

    Good luck with your process – – build in rewards for yourself as the square-footage in your home increases!!!


    1. Awesome advise Joanne. 🙂 I love the idea of just a little bit at a time. It can be very overwhelming for sure. Maybe that is how I will approach the basement. The tough part is the kids’ stuff. I know I am more attached to some of it than they are. Keep you posted on the progress! Thanks again for reading and following too 🙂


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