Get ready for…Buy Nothing Day!!

First…Happy US Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border!

It has been a tension filled year for you and we understand that you may feel like your country is divided.  Your Thanksgiving is upon you and it is time that is meant for celebration of love and family and friends. We hope this is a time of healing for all.

Thanksgiving also kicks off the Christmas shopping season for you (and for us, here in Canada to some extent).  The temptation to shop til you drop tomorrow on Black Friday can be great.  The retailers bank on the public flooding to their websites and locations to grab up any deal they put out there.  The problem is, are we just filling our lives with more stuff because it is perecieved that we need it or that we are getting a good deal?

There is an alternate to Black Friday…

Buy Nothing Day. 

Yup.  Nothing. Think of it as a challenge.  You’ve done the 30 day Ab challenge, 30 day Plank challenge, maybe even the 30 day squat challenge, so this should be easy!  One day.  Don’t buy anything.  When the retailers are waiting for you to click or tap your card, don’t do it!  The feeling will be so completely liberating.

You make think that you’ll be missing out on deals.  


It isn’t a deal if you didn’t need it.

If you have to buy something or you want to start your Christmas shopping, take this day to be more mindful of what you are purchasing.  Shop locally and support local small businesses.  If you are able, make some of your gifts or give an experience as a gift instead of more stuff.

The idea of Buy Nothing Day is to become more aware that the price tag is just one part of the purchase.  You still are spending the money.  You still are accumulating more stuff that you may only use for a short time, or sometimes not at all.  Maybe less stuff will make room for more time. 🙂

So from Us at Crave Life, to our friends celebrating Thanksgiving, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday!  



6 thoughts on “Get ready for…Buy Nothing Day!!

  1. It’s funny for Black Friday my family went hiking for the day to a national park. I was amazed at how many other people were there. As an American your taught more is better. I think more of us are starting to reject this notion. It was a. Ice thing to see.

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    • That is awesome! I love to hear this! Believe me , here in Canada is almost as bad. We have our retailers jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon too and it makes me crazy. Our stores are busy that day but nothing like you guys get. Well it is very positive to hear your story. Thanks so much and thanks for the follow too. 🙂

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