Two Cool Blogs!

Time to share!  

We like to share lots of stuff with you guys.  Recipes. Fitness. Movies. Music. AND  other blogs that we come across that are pretty darn amazing!

Today we bring to you a couple that have caught our eye.

One is a pretty new one and would really appreciate it if you wandered over to take a look.  We know what it is like to start the blogging process and it is always exciting to see the number of readers get bigger!

Take a look at Ladybird Consulting.  Tania’s blog is all about her beautiful gardens and she brings you some amazing ideas for your own backyards.  Tania and her Golden Doodle, Zowie take you into her home and yard to see the incredible decoratoring ideas she has come up with.  Ladybird has just started out in this world of blogging and would love for you to check out her garden ideas and read along as she shares her love of the outdoors, decorating and recipes.

back-urn chair-close

The Hungry Elephant!

Looking for a great food blog?  There are a lot out there but The Hungry Elephant has quickly become one of the best out there.  Not only is there the blog, there are Youtube videos so you can watch step by step the amazing recipes come to life.  Follow the blog and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  The recipes here range from easy nibbles, delicious desserts and awesome main courses.  Check out The Hungry Elephant!

coconut-onion-rings img_2041-1

We really hope you take a look at these two incredible bloggers and share them with your friends!


Happy reading!




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