Daily Prompt Post: Someday

via Daily Prompt: Someday

As I scrolled through the reader today, I saw the Daily Prompt for today was ‘Someday’.

Someday‘ gives us the feeling of the future; a hopeful future.  ‘Someday‘, we will have world peace. ‘Someday‘ we will have equality.  ‘Someday‘ we will cure diseases.  The danger in using this word regularly in your own life is that we forget to live ‘today’ instead, we focus on ‘Someday’.

We all do it.  When we are young, we hope for the day we will be adults. When we are adults, we hope for the day we can have a partner or a family of our own.  We hope for the days we can travel.   We hope for the days our kids are grown.  But we soon realize, that we have been so focusing on ‘Someday‘ that the years are fast behind us.  More often than not, those things we were going to do or ideas we had for our lives, are still just sitting there waiting for our ‘Someday’.

I know we are a week, almost two weeks into 2017, but I challenge you to make a new resolution for this year; well hopefully one that will take you into the next year and the year after that.  Let’s all try, and I mean try and if you fail sometimes, that’s ok, just start over, to do our ‘Someday‘ today.

If you have been putting off something you want to try that is new to you for ‘Someday‘, try it today or make plans to do it.  The only way for these things to happen is to change your ‘Someday‘ to ‘Today’.

Val and I wanted to share our love of food, music, movies and fitness with you and just over a year ago, we started this blog.  We aren’t the biggest or the best blog out there but hey, we have grown.  We are sharing and getting great response from our readers.  The blog was something we had thought about for some time and finally just decided to do it.


So let us know what it is that you may have been putting off that you want to try today…instead of Someday!



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