“Allll by myself….don’t wanna bee…”

Too much?

My super awesome running partner, Rayanne, had to work this past weekend.  But the Bay Race doesn’t wait for any man…or woman in this case.  The training must go on!

So off I went to brave the 21 km on my own.

Ok..so running is a sport for loners, of which I will admit to being one.  I ran for many years alone and with the exception of our weekend runs and one through the week, I really don’t mind running alone.  We adopted a Golden Retriever last year and she is a pretty good running partner as well and also gives me reason to take a break whenever a stick needs to be picked up.

BUT This was 21 km!!! 

I haven’t done this distance alone for a very long time and like I said in my last Bay Race update, I have been actually looking forward to the long runs with Rayanne.  We usually chat about family, movies, and inevitably the conversation turns to food (usually nearing the end of our run when we are both out of fuel)

Our Bay Race training has been going well and we’ve been trying out new energy chews that I highlighted last post too.

So looking ahead on the weather, I noticed that Saturday looked to be the better of the two days to head out on my own.  I packed up my water bottle, a fresh pack of Skratch Raspberry chews and cued up my Spotify on my phone and plugged in the earbuds.

The weather could not have co-operated any better.  As weird of a weather day it ended up to be with shifting from sunny and warm to hail to snow to wind in the afternoon, the morning was beautiful.  The sun came up and the temperature started to rise.

It wasn’t long before I stripped a layer off as I made my way down to the Waterfront trail here in Hamilton.

Tunes are everything!

Seriously.  When you’re running alone…I don’t know how anyone runs alone without tunes.  I’m so used to conversing with someone else I was afraid if I didn’t have music I would start talking to myself.  As it was I know there were a few songs from the Hamilton, The Musical soundtrack I was listening to that I am sure I was singing to out loud.

I am not throwing away my shot…I am not throwing away my shot….


I listened to Hamilton for about 15 km and then switched over to Alicia Keys newest album, Here.  Every time I listen to it, I love it more.

I decided to pause for water and energy chews every 5km. This chopping up of the run made things go by quite nicely.  I did, however, eat an entire pack of energy chews on my own.  Needless to say I had a lot of energy.


The sidewalks were beautifully clear and the sun stayed out just long enough for me to finish the 21 km and grab a coffee…alone…

This weekend is another LSD…not that kind of LSD…Long Slow Distance…27 km…

All I can say is thank goodness I’ve got my right hand man (woman) back!!!  (see Hamilton The Musical for that ref…:)


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