Video Thursday!

The first thing I do and I am sure Val does in the morning after we have made our way downstairs, is to turn on our radios.  Yes…I said radios.

We both still are avid listeners of local radio.  I am sure this dates us because I know my kids don’t have the same affinity to this beloved box that we do.  Radio gives us, not only the music, but a sense of community.  We listen and hear about things going on in our city, our country and our world.  We listen and join in the conversations.  We listen and find out information that serves to improve and enhance our lives.

Radio4Change is an initiative developed by George Atkins, long time Farm Report journalist on CBC radio.  He knew the importance of sharing farming information and resources throughout the community and realized where there was a lack of crucial information.  Now, serving over 39 countries in Africa, Radio4Change works with farmers’ groups and researchers combined with African broadcasters, to be the vehicle that drives the newest information flow right to the farmer him or herself.  Sharing best practices, newest and alternative farming research, the farmer listening can now have access to this information that would have been next to impossible to get before this program began.

Here is an example of how radio can reach farmers and give them critical information where no other form of media can.  They simply do not have access to the internet and written information is not practical to distribute.  By supplying each farmer with a radio, they can then tune in to get the newest information and research to apply to their farms.

Radio4Change is a non-profit organization and if you feel compelled to donate to this cause, please click here.




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