YouTube Thursday-Canada’s 150

Oh Canada! You look great for 150 years!

You may or may not be aware (but if you’re living in Canada, chances are you know) that Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday on July 1, 2017!

We felt it necessary to share some videos on our YouTube Thursday that show the awesomeness of our beautiful country.

Val and I have travelled throughout our home land and there are still so many places left to see.  If you’re Canadian, we encourage you to discover what is in your own ‘backyard’ this year.  If you’re not, (we know you wish you were 😉 ) we hope you’ll come and visit one day!

This first video is produced by the NFB (National Film Board) It shows the expanse of our country and the diversity of people we are proud to call Canadians.


This next video is from the CBC’s Amanda Parris.  It is 150 second of Canadian facts.  There are wayyyyy too many to mention to just take 150 seconds but it is fun video to watch.  

This video is from the CBC’s show, This Hour has 22 Minutes.  If you’ve never seen it, the show is a mock of news and current events that are centred around Canadian politics and life.  Not sure if the comedy translates to everyone, but if you’re Canadian or Canadian at heart, you will find this one funny. 

The clip is of ‘John Cabot’, the explorer, meeting with the King and Queen after he discovered the new land.

Now, we know it is only April, but we wanted to do a little promo to give you guys all time to make your plans for the summer!  Come on over…You’ll be glad you did!


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