Hello May!

Ok…I know…it’s not May yet, but we are excited that it is on the horizon!  May in Ontario means that the weather is getting better, we can get outside more and explore some awesome foods, places, and activities.

So in May, we are going to bring you some Salads and Smoothies!

I know that Salads may not sound too exciting but we hope that these salads will turn any salad hater into a salad lover.  :).

Smoothies…no explanation necessary.  Who doesn’t like a smoothie?  On that note, I did have the most awesome smoothie yesterday at our local smoothie place, The Green Bar, in Hamilton.  Their feature smoothie is PB and Jam smoothie and YES it is exactly how you would think it tastes.  DEEEELISH!!!

One other thing we want to write about this summer is where we like to explore.  Exploration can mean so many different things but I think if it is just somewhere you have never been before, no matter how close or far, you’re exploring!


I mentioned that it is Canada’s 150th birthday and we are very lucky to have such a beautiful country to explore in.  Parks Canada is also giving anyone who wants one, a season’s pass to any Parks Canada.  So we have our pass and we want to hit the road.

One trip we have all booked is a trip to Pie Bird Vegan Santuary in North Bay.  Can’t wait to share this experience with you guys.


We are cleaning off our bikes too and hitting some trails that we hope to share along the way.

Summer also means….

Concert Season!!!

A great line up of concerts in our area is building and it is actually hard to chose!  As we explore live music, we’ll be sharing our experiences along the way and hope you guys enjoy it too.

Can’t wait to get this summer started 🙂


We would love to hear your comments!

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