Get out…and stay out!!

I mean that in the nicest way 🙂 

The rain has finally (fingers crossed) subsided here in southern Ontario and although some trails are still closed because Lake Ontario is bursting at its seems, the sun is shining again and we are itching to get out!

Val is on the move hiking by the river close to her house everyday and enjoying the sun and the wildlife that is making new homes for the summer there.  I am finally mobile after 3 months of rehab for a ligament injury (insert whining here), but I have to say on a side note, that Physiotherapy works.  Seriously.  Abide by the therapist and you can’t go wrong!  Anyhooo…I won’t labour on about that…it is FINALLY time to get out into the trails!

I don’t know who is more excited…me or my dog!

Something I learned from nursing this injury and making my way back into the trails in a sort of running/walking/hiking way, is just how much I missed being outside.  I rehabbed a lot in the gym, for which I was grateful to have use of, but wow did I ever miss outside.

The trails are awesome for exercise as well as state of mind.  The ground is naturally cushioning.  The trees provide some shade if the day is hot or even rainy.  The rolling hills of the trails get the heart rate pumped up to give you a great cardio workout.

We tend to make things very complicated with our fitness.  We need the gadgets and the gizmos to feel like we are doing something worth while.  The simplicity of getting out into the woods and hiking can not only get your heart pumping but also fill it with the joy of being out surrounded by nature.  Our minds can slow down and take in all of the beauty that is around us.  The results are incredible.

So here’s the challenge.  No matter where you live, check out some outdoor space for your next ‘workout’.  Don’t worry about the watch or the fitbit!  Just put the shoes on and go and enjoy what surrounds you. It could be woods, trails, beach, or boardwalks.  You won’t be sorry.




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