Dillon’s Distillery Tour!

Val and Nicole on adventure!

To the land where the Gin flows like wine….

We are so fortunate to live some where there is so much to do.  Seriously.  We go in one direction for 45 minutes and we are in Toronto, which has so much to do that I can’t possibly list them all.  We go in the other direction 40 minutes and we hit the wine country of the Niagara Region.

Well the wine region just got a new addition!  

Dillon’s Distillery

Dillon’s is a small batch distillery nestled smack dab in the middle of wine country.  Started by Geoff and Peter Dillon, father and son, as well as Gary Huggins, only a short time ago, Dillon’s has quickly gained a name as a Gin artisan.

The choice to build the distillery in Niagara Region was because of the proximity to fresh local fruit available and also the craft culture of the local wineries that have made the Niagara Region home for generations.

Val and I had both ‘sampled’ their Unfiltered 22 and also the Rose Gin before and decided to make a trip out to the distillery, where staff happily takes you on a tour of the facility.  The staff is very knowledgeable about their products and the processes so go ahead and ask the questions!

After the tour, you are able to do a tasting of some of their products, which don’t just include Gin anymore.  This is the really fun part!

Dillon’s makes a nice variety of spirits to sample.



  • Dry Gin 7
  • Unfiltered Gin 22
  • Rose Gin
  • Cherry Gin
  • Strawberry Gin

OMG…the Rose and Cherry Gin was amazing!  We bought a bottle of the Unfiltered Gin22 (named as such for the 22 botanticals that are infused to the gin) and a bottle of the Cherry for a gift.  We tasted the Cherry and it is delightful!


  • Rye Whiskey
  • White Rye

Other spirits:

  • Method 95 (Vodka)
  • Limoncello – also delish and not as sweet as some others
  • Absinthe – Hello! This is insane.  It is 67% alcohol so you actually HAVE to mix a splash of water with it in order to express the oils that give it the delicious licorice flavour.
  • Orangecello – Didn’t get an opportunity to try this one but sounds amazing.

So, if you’re in the area or looking for a little escape to the Niagara Region, don’t forget to stop in to Dillon’s for a tour (although best to call ahead to see about times).  Well worth the trip and a great side trip for the summer of 2017!


Barrel room




Big Carl


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