Welcome to Crave Life!

Val and Nicole here!

We started this blog with food in mind but as time went on, we kept finding other things we wanted to share with our readers.  Life is complex.  There are so many facets that work together to make us happy and healthy.  In order to get the most out of life, we believe in good food, fun activities, great movies and music and whatever else that can stimulate our brains and fill our hearts. 

Val is the nutritional brains behind this whole venture.  A registered dietitian/nutritionist, she has been a private practice dietitian for over 20 years.  Val has believed in nourishing the body and mind with whole, fresh foods ever since she was a teen.  Being active in road biking, mountain biking, skiing, and a marathon runner, Val has been able to witness the effects of good food on athletes first hand as well as in her practice.  Val enjoys coming up with new and inventive combinations for her friends and family to try. Val loves discovering new music and great books too!

A long time runner, Nicole has competed in a number of different road races over the years, including the Around the Bay Road Race in Hamilton, Ontario.  She is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and has been practicing Yoga for 17 years. Nicole has been baking forever and has had the pleasure of experimenting with gluten free baking since her husband was diagnosed a Celiac over 20 years ago.  A self proclaimed geek, Nicole is the social media guru and amateur photographer as well as test baker.  Nicole brings you her personal film choices  that she hopes you will like too.

Together we bring you Recipes, Fitness ideas and some Readables that you may find interesting.


Together we want to share with you what we crave out of life and hope it will inspire you to give some of them a try.



12 thoughts on “Welcome to Crave Life!

  1. Hello Canadian neighbours and #blogging101 er! Your header is very nice. Picmonkey is fun to use too I agree. I love your gallery of food photos…what about featuring it in the left hand panel side. It would really pop I think! The post about biking is very enjoyable to read…I love your description of first learning to ride a bike and using it as a metaphor for learning or trying new ideas and actions in life too. You may wish to read my humour piece about Yoga Class http://clarkewrite.com/2015/07/13/practice-makes-perfect-yoga-bummers/. Thank you for sharing your post! Kathleen 🙂


  2. It was lovely meeting you Valerie on our flight home from Edmonton. Can I contact you for a recommendation for a naturopath? Thanks!


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