November Preview!

Helloo November! Well, not yet but next Tuesday we will be saying that.  That means Halloween is soon here! What are your plans?  Our kids are past the trick or treating ages and are off to some Halloween parties I am sure.  We usually put out our pumpkin and hand out goodies for the little… Continue reading November Preview!

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Secret Path-A Must Watch

Val and I at Crave Life, like to highlight stuff that will enhance your lives.  Maybe a recipe, some fitness ideas, music, restaurants, movies, bands, and other things that we hope you will enjoy and spread to others as well. Being Canadians, we feel that we wanted to share something that has been in the… Continue reading Secret Path-A Must Watch

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Accidental Reading

It happens once in a while when you are looking for something particular online and you come across a website that sucks you in and holds you there, reading, clicking, scrolling and in this case signing up to follow this incredible blog.  Design the Life You Want To Live is a blog by a super talented… Continue reading Accidental Reading

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Val’s Healing Garden-Chamomile

German Chamomile flowers are such a beautiful addition to your wild flower garden.  The  healing garden was the perfect place to plant some seedlings.  Sunny and rich soil ended up in some big, healthy Chamomile. Chamomile may be a tiny flower but it is very powerful and has been in our pantries, mainly in tea… Continue reading Val’s Healing Garden-Chamomile


Pumpkin Spice Baked Oatmeal

Pumpkin Spice has quickly become the official Fall flavour. You can get almost anything Pumpkin Spiced these days so we are embracing the Pumpkin Spice and Val came up with a super baked oatmeal....and that's's Pumpkin Spice. 🙂 This is not your Mother's oatmeal. We all know that oatmeal is traditionally eaten at breakfast… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Baked Oatmeal

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Run for the Toad-Race Report

The 15th Annual Run for the Toad was held on October 1 in Paris, Ontario.  All week we kept our eyes on the weather and no matter how many times we checked, it didn't change!  Rain was in the forecast for the entire morning. The temperature looked pretty good but we were going to get… Continue reading Run for the Toad-Race Report


Harvest Time

Val's garden had an amazing year.  Her veggies were bursting at the seams and the herbs and flowers have grown really tall.  This year not only did she have her Echinacea, she also had the Calendula.  The other plant she decided to give a go was Fennel . Val's Fennel grew to about 2 1/2… Continue reading Harvest Time

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Val’s Healing Garden-Echinacea

  In the garden, growing like crazy are beautiful Coneflowers.  A relative of the Daisy family, Echinacea is widely used in herbal medicine.  Chances are, you have had some during a cold or flu to help you get over your illness.  These days, Echinacea is mixed in with even traditional medicines. I cannot imagine a… Continue reading Val’s Healing Garden-Echinacea

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Simple Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Soup season! I had to reblog this one from Nourished Peach. This blog is chock full of some really awesome recipes and this is definitely one I will try out. Simple and delicious. Eating well doesn’t have to be time consuming…that is a myth. Enjoy!



Heres the deal, you guys. I’m going to be frank with you. I am getting lazy. Like LAAAAZZZZYYYY. Yes, you can still count on me to get a decent dinner on the table most nights…but man, I’ll find a shortcut. Now don’t get me wrong..I love a good Sunday spent in the kitchen…but these weeknights are all about saving time.

I feel like life has progressively taken me to this place of minimal effort. And yes, the weather these days must have something to do with it, too. But it used to be, you know, pre-kids, I was putting hours into dinner. Hours. Meticulously dicing, pureeing, grinding, whatever it took to make the food absolutely delicious. Then one kid…two kids..came along and it has gradually shifted from hours of effort to literally strategizing how I can get this meal on the table as quickly as possible. What shortcuts can I…

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I know we already posted today but had to say a huge Thank you to all that follow us!  Please give us feedback on what you like, don't like, want to see more of... We are so happy that there are 240 of you following and hope you share and pass our blog around 🙂