Wordless Wednesday

Hey guys!

If you follow us on Insta, you may have seen some wordy stuff the last few days that we hope you have enjoyed.  Today, I bring you Wordless Wednesday.

This is a collaboration of visual and audio art.  The visual artist is Rachel Berriman

Rachel is a Concordia graduate from Montreal, Canada.  The audio art comes to you from Connor Jessome, a graduate of McGill and York Universities.  They have blended their talents to give you a soothing and mystical experience that we hope you enjoy.

To see and hear the whole collaboration,  please click here on link.

A visual taste is below…:)  (for some technical reason I couldn’t get the audio and visual to work on here)

Please feel free to share.



Coconut Onion Rings~Hungry Elephant

Had to share this!

Kalie over at The Hungry Elephant has been posting some amazing recipes this year and if you haven’t strolled over to her blog or YouTube channel, What are you waiting for?!  Seriously good stuff.

Coconut Onion Rings!

Ok…a few years ago I tried Coconut Onion Rings from a Food Truck here in Hamilton and fell in love.  So good!  But sadly, the food truck is no longer in business 😦

They were always in the back of my mind to try to make but then….The Hungry Elephant read my mind and boom!  There it was!



I am going to give this recipe a try with a few slight alterations.  This recipe is made keto, which means no flour, which is great for gf option.  I will use some almond milk as a binder and try to go vegan with these too.   I am going to add a little rice flour to mine and try to broil them and then bake.  I really hope this works!

I’ll post the final result…good or bad tonight!

Thanks to The Hungry Elephant for reminding me of these yummy guys and for posting the video!